I just spent $150 on ribeye, pork, soufflé, wine, and rum. By myself. No regrets at all.


Happy zombie Jesus day, to those who celebrate.

To those who jam with Passover, stay strong you can have a bagel soon.

Jesus respawn day

Anonymous asked:
what turns you on the most?



A financially secure future.

That’s a legit panty-dropper.


If you can believe it, military medicine is bullshit.

A-fucking-MEN to that. Got back pain ‘cause your discs are blown and nerves wrecked? Take some Motrin and hydrate.

Anonymous asked:
It's because of your luscious lips. Men are stimulus-driven, brutish animals. They are weak, succumbing easily to their un-evolved instincts.




Hahahaha. This is why I plan to remain single for the next 10-15 years.

Men are stimulus-driven, brutish animals. They are weak, succumbing easily to their un-evolved instincts”…wow

No, men are NOT un-evolved or brutish.

They, traditionally, have higher IQs, better spatial visual reasoning, better sequential memory, and better logical reasoning.

They tend to learn physical tasks faster, remember directions better, and handle overloads of cortisol better.

Men, like women, only meet the expectations YOU set for them. You, the individual. If you expect them to behave poorly, they will. If you expect them to behave well, they will.

Don’t bring up the sexual stuff - while yes, men are typically the perpetrators, women sexually assault men and children as well.

Men-bashing isn’t funny, isn’t intelligent, and isn’t feminism.


Meatloaf. Broc. Brekkie cups. Chili. Crispy chicken. Spaghetti squash. Brussels sprout/leek hash. Green beans. Basil shrimp. Cucumber/tomato/avo to go on spinach greens. 

5 hours. 120$. 

Food prep done right.

Soufflé. Amazing. Roy’s is officially my favorite place in Hawaii.

Hawaii fucking rules. Best trip on the gov’t dime that I can recall. Or on my own dime.


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